Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dark Shadows on DVD

Dark Shadows DVD Collection I - 1966
[Black & White, Full Screen]

Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins
Grayson Hall as Dr. Julia Hoffman
Nancy Barrett as Carolyn Stoddard
Joan Bennett as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
Alexandra Isles as Victoria Winters
Louis Edmonds as Roger Collins
Kathyrn Leigh Scott as Maggie Evans
David Selby as Quentin Collins
David Henesy as David Collins
Lara Parker as Angelique

Creator: Dan Curtis

"The story of Dark Shadows begins with newly hired governess Victoria Winters arriving at Collinwood, the Collins' estate in Collinsport, Maine in search of her mysterious origins. She soon is caught up in the strange events and mysteries that seem to surround the Collins family. Eventually, the Collins' "cousin from England", Barnabas Collins, arrives and takes the show in a new direction; his vampire curse introduces a new history of the Collins family. Part of this revised history is the popular character of the witch Angelique whose jealously led to the tragic death of Barnabas' great love Josette and who placed the curse upon Barnabas."

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