Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Classic B-Movie

One of my all time favorite horror movies is The Tingler. If you are a fan of 50's B-Horror and you have yet to discover this classic, then now is the time to view a print of this William Castle film.

Why is it so great? Well, first of all it has Vincent Price as Dr. Warren Chapin, a kind of "mad scientist" of sorts, who discovers that in cases of extreme fear a person can experience a tingling of the spine. This is due to the growth of a spinal parasite, or "Tingler", which could kill the host unless destroyed by screaming.

Secondly, when the original movie was released in 1959, William Castle, the director, invented a gimmick called 'Percepto' to give his audiences an extra thrill. Electrical vibrators were attached to the underside of selected seats in the movie theater. At the climax of the film, the "Tingler" supposedly escapes into the auditorium. All the lights were turned out and the projectionist would activate these vibrators which would then provide a "tingle" to some unsuspecting patrons in the audience. The audience was then enticed to scream for their lives. According to all reports, this proved to be very effective, and audiences really loved it.

The movie was filmed in black and white; however, there is one scene, the bloody bathtub scene, were red blood is flowing from the faucet in the sink. Also a bloody hand rises from a bathtub filled with bright red blood.

Please enjoy the clips and information below.

The Tingler - 1959

Vincent Price as Dr. Warren Chapin
Judith Evelyn as Mrs. Martha Ryerson Higgins
Darryl Hickman as David Morris
Philip Coolidge as Oliver 'Ollie' Higgins
Patricia Cutts as Isabel Stevens Chapin
Pamela Lincoln as Lucy Stevens

Director: William Castle

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