Thursday, October 25, 2007

Niteman Speaks!

The SAW Midnight Movie Marathon is tonight ... Thursday, October 25th. See all 3 SAW movies on the big screen before you see SAW IV at midnight.

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The official release of SAW IV is Friday, October 26th.
Coming to a theater near you!

SAW IV ... It's a trap!

Is the Jigsaw Killer really dead? Hmmmmmm!

Saw IV - Poster Art

The Official 'Saw IV' Trailer

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Saw IV 4 - Real Trailer Workprint 1st Scene

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Talking SAW Collectible with tricycle

Congratulations to NECA for finally producing a Saw puppet that we all can afford. Their version of Billy, the insensitive puppet, is 12 inches tall, fully articulated, comes with his red tricycle and acutally speaks phrases from the movie.

Sound phrases include:
"So are you going to watch yourself die today? Or do something about it?"
"There are ways to win this."
"Let the game begin."
"Live or die, make your choice."
"Congratulations, you are still alive."

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Saw Puppet Mask

Want to dress up as the Saw Puppet this Halloween? Here is your chance!

This is the high quality, over the head, latex version made by Don Post Studios...this is not one of the cheap knock-off versions currently out there.

One size fits most adults.

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