Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cult Classics Series by NECA

NECA produces a series of really sweet collectibles called "Cult Classics" and "Cult Classics Hall of Fame". This line of collectibles is mainly in the horror genre. Figures are normally 7 inches tall and come as singles, action figure sets and some cases are also available. The singles and sets are medium priced so collect as many as you can. I believe that NECA is up to series 6 now and many of the figures from past series are very hard if not impossible to find. Before you pay too much on eBay, check out the selection at

Here is a list of just some of the "Cult Classics" that you'll find there:

--Dawn of the Dead [Hare Krishna, Flyboy and Plaid Shirt Zombies]
--Shaun of the Dead [Shaun and Ed]
--Evil Dead [Medieval Ash, S-Mart Ash]
--The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [Leatherface]
--Hellraiser [Pinhead]
--The Lost Boys [Michael, David]
--SAW [Jigsaw Killer Human & Pig Figures]
--Silence of the Lambs [Hannibal Lector, even a diorama version]
--Chucky [Chucky]
--Donnie Darko [Frank the Bunny]
--The Crow [Eric Draven]
--Phantasm [The Tall Man]
--Halloween [Michael Meyers]
--Nightmare on Elm Street [Freddy]
--Friday the 13th [Jason Voorhees]

Most of the above come with accessories. And there are also several action figure sets available containing a mixed selection of 3 or more figures.

It's Christmas! Treat yourself and add to your own collection or give a gift of horror to your favorite collector!

» Check out all the Cult Classics at

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