Friday, April 6, 2007

Robby the Robot Lives!

Probably the most iconic fictional character from the Sci-Fi movie genre is Robby the Robot. "Robby" is most remembered for his appearance in the '50's movie Forbidden Planet where he played protector and servant to Dr. Morbius [Walter Pidgeon] and Altaira [Anne Francis].

It's interesting to note that the actor who played "Robby" wore a 7' 2" mechanical suit designed especially for him to wear during the filming of the movie ... Must have been incredibly hot! :-)

Fred Barton Productions, Inc. of Los Angeles, California will be recreating the life-size Robby for lucky collectors ... who have the disposable income. Each "Robby" will be hand-made using the finest materials available and arrive pre-programmed with a selection of lines that he will recite from the movie Forbidden Planet.

These incredible recreations are being made available to US and EU collectors through Sideshow Collectibles. All you need is a "modest" one-time deposit of $7500 US at the time of purchase. However those with limited funds may still be able to swing the purchase by taking advantage of Sideshow's Flex-Pay option ... Too bad I won't be a lucky participant. :-(

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