Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fred Barton ... The Robot Man

"Fred Barton Productions, Inc., is the world's leading producer of museum-quality, famous movie and television Robots sought by private collectors. In addition to building "Robby" for sale to collectors of all ages, Mr. Barton's personal Robot collection also includes computerized replicas of Robot Model B9, from the classic series, "Lost in Space," and "Gort" from "The Day the Earth Stood Still," as well as "Maria" from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis, T2 - Endoskeleton, The "Target Earth" Robot, and of course, the original Star Wars Trilogy droids, "R2-D2" and "C-3PO" all of which he has built. He is currently finishing work on his masterful recreation of "Tobor, the Great"."
--courtesy Fred Barton Productions

» For more information about Fred Barton Productions and Robby, the Robot, visit the Web site.

Robby, the Robot - Life Size


Robby, the Robot ... A Life-Sized Reproduction ...

from Fred Barton & Sideshow Collectibles.

Stay Tuned for all the Details!

Friday, March 30, 2007

H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger, born Hans Ruedi Giger, is a Swiss surrealist who is known to most of us for his work on the movie Alien. His art and design work is noted by his use of the airbrush technique extraordinarily mixed with his strange, nightmarish visions of the human body and machines. The term "biomechanical" is often associated with his imagery.

» More Giger info available from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

» Visit H.R. Giger's Official Web site

Queen Alien Bust

Stan Winston Studios and Sideshow Collectibles working with the original film molds bring to life this 1:4 scale [22" x 23.5" x 23.5"] Queen Alien bust.

A Limited Edition of 1500. Qualifies for free shipping.

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Dog Alien Maquette

Effects Studio ADI and Sideshow Collectibles joined together to produce this 1:4 scale [22" x 17" x 18"] Dog Alien Maquette. This highly collectible piece is cast in high-quality polystone, hand finished and hand painted and qualifies for free shipping.

A Limited Edition of only 500.

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Giger Tarot

H.R. Giger Tarot

"This collectable group of beautifully designed Tarot cards is available in a handsome boxed set containing 22 Tarot cards, a poster with card laying plan and a booklet of instructions with about 60 illustrations. Each card is a careful reproduction of one of Giger's paintings, and is interpreted by philosopher-magician Akron in a booklet of instructions, included with the set."

This item is part of my Giger collection and I highly recommend it. It goes in and out of print quite regularly and the price can greatly fluctuate. I believe it sold for $14.95 originally...but has been hard to find for that price recently.

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Giger 2007 Calendar

2007 H. R. Giger Calendar

24 pages, glossy
13.7" x 11.8"

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Giger's Alien Autographed Bust

"In 1979, artist H. R. Giger created what is considered one of the most frightening monsters of our time. Since that time, the ALIEN xenomorph has become one of the most popular and recognizable creature designs ever created. Constructed of polystone with hand-painted detailing and a smoked resin dome, this replication of the ALIEN head captures the creature’s intense bio-mechanical style."
--courtesy Sideshow Collectibles

A Limited Edition of only 500 worldwide. Qualifies for free shipping.
Each piece is autographed by H.R. Giger.

» Click on "Sideshow Collectibles" in the sidebar for more info.

Alien Framed Art Print

Giger's Alien
Framed Fine Art Poster Print
32" x 32"

Artist: H.R. Giger

High Quality, 100% satisfaction guarantee

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H.R. Giger's Necronomicon

H.R. Giger's Necronomicon

Hardcover, Coffee table book
84 pages, glossy
16.9" x 12.3"

Disturbing, symbolic, strange and unusual. Giger's art always invokes a multitude of emotions from his viewers.

Modestly priced now at with free shipping available.

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H.R. Giger's Biomechanics

H.R. Giger's Biomechanics

Hardcover, Coffee table book
96 pages, glossy
16.7" x 12.1"

If you like Giger's art, this is a good book for a collector to start with. This book goes out of print very often and is hard to find. Generally during those times, if you can find a copy, the price if usually very high.

I own this book and recommend it highly. As of today at, it is priced lower than I originally paid and is available with free shipping.

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» More H.R. Giger Books available at

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sideshow Contests

Current Sideshow Contest Info:

Contest #1 - Sideshow is looking for your best Buns!
One (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected to win one of their Princess Leia Premium Format figures! The top five (5) unique and hysterical entries will win one of their brand new Princess Leia Star Wars t-shirts.
Entries must be received by 11:59 PM (PT) on Sunday, April 1st, 2007.

Contest #2 - Pay your tribute to the Buffyverse!
One lucky Buffy collector will win a SOLD OUT Sideshow Exclusive Willow 12-inch figure, featuring her must-have backpack accessory!
One winner will be chosen by the Sideshow Web Team from all participants who submit their entry before 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, March 31st.

**Upcoming Info for next month's "Film, Food & Figures Friday" Contest
One random winner will be chosen from all participants at 6pm PST on Friday, April 20 for a Star Wars Trilogy DVD Collection [Episodes IV, V, VI], a Premium Format Boba Fett Exclusive, and a BIG BAG of popcorn. Next month's contest will start at 9am PST on April 20, 2007. All entries received before then will be disqualified!

» Click the contest link for "Win Collectibles Here!" in the sidebar for more information on how to enter.

Good Luck to All! ... Niteman

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Murphy, it's you!"

Robocop 18-Inch Talking Action Figure

"Are you down with OCP? Detroit's finest zombie robot cop is back, he's 18-inches tall, and he's got a lot to say! Expertly crafted with numerous details rarely seen on a Robocop figure of any size, this great big figure is sure to be a fine addition to your home, office, or criminally infested toy room."

"Plays 7 phrases including...
"Thank you for your cooperation" and "Your move, creep!"
"Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law."
"Your move, creep."
"Dead or alive, you''re coming with me."
*Robocop's footsteps*
"Come quielty or there will be... trouble."
"Clarence Boddicker, you are under arrest." "

» Click Here for More Information

Robocop Revolver - Auto-9

"Eliminate all scumbags and creeps. The famous revolver from Robocop can now be yours! Measuring 14-inches long and made of resin, this prop replica comes mounted in a shadow box. Limited edition of 1,000 pieces. Use it to eliminate all scumbags and creeps, or just show off to your friends."

» Click Here for More Information

Robocop on DVD

Robocop Trilogy

Peter Weller as Officer Alex J. Murphy/RoboCop
Nancy Allen as Officer Anne Lewis
Ronny Cox as Dick Jones
Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker
Miguel Ferrer as Bob Morton

Directors: Paul Verhoeven, Irvin Kershner, Fred Dekker

"Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement."

» Click Here for More Information

Robocop Trailer

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Robocop 3-D Movie Poster Sculpture

"McFarlane's Pop Culture Masterworks brings an entirely new dimension to Robocop's original one-sheet movie poster. Combining traditional sculpture with forced perspective, the iconic image comes to life, and the results are as dazzling as the film that inspired it."

Estimated Arrival: April 2007
Pre-orders being taken now.

» Click Here for More Information

Battle Damaged ED-209

The Battle Damaged ED-209 Model Kit from Robocop is part of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series. This 15 inch figure was previously released as a Japanese exclusive, and this hard to find collectible is now available for pre-order from Sideshow as a Limited Edition.

Features include: movie accurate and highly detailed, fully painted, multiple points of articulation, and is in scale with the Robocop with Flight Pack Model Kit.

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Robocop Movie Clip with ED-209


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Robocop with Flight Pack

From Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series comes the extremely Limited Edition Robocop with Flight Pack Model Kit.

The 12-inch figure is highly detailed, movie authentic and is fully articulated.

Features include: working thigh holster, pistol, several interchangeable hands, arm cannon, flight pack with over 14 points of articulation, and figure stand with Robocop logo.

This is a hot item that many Robocop fans will want and will not last long.

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Unboxing the Robocop with Flight Pack ..... A Collector Shares His Experience

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This is a little off subject, but I thought it was important enough to pass along since I am a pet owner and I'm sure some of my readers are too!

For those of you who have not yet heard, there have been a number of dogs and cats that have died after eating certain kinds of pet food.

Q: What brands and types of pet food are being recalled?
A: The recall involves Ontario-based Menu Foods' "cuts and gravy" style cat and dog food packaged from Dec. 3 to March 6. The wet food, which consists of chunks of meat in gravy, is packaged in cans and small foil pouches. The food was sold under numerous brand names _ 40 cat food brands and 51 dog food brands as of Monday.

Q: What happened to the food that led to this recall?
A: The recall started after reports that at least 10 pets _ one dog and nine cats _ suffered kidney failure and died after eating the food, according the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA on Monday said that as many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country.

Q: Where was this food sold?
A: The pet food was sold throughout North America under both store and major brand labels at Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers.

Q: What should I do if I have some of this pet food in my cupboard?
A: The FDA says stop feeding it to your pet. Many of the major store chains are also granting refunds for returned food.

Q. How do I know if my pet is sick as a result of eating contaminated food? What are the symptoms?
A: Signs of kidney failure include loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting.

Q. What should I do if I already gave some of this food to my pet? Do I need to take my pet to a doctor?
A: It's best to seek advice from a veterinarian in such situations, according to the FDA.

Q. Who can I call with questions?
A: Menu Foods has a consumer hot line at 1-866-463-6738 and 1-866-895-2708. The FDA is asking those with sick or dead pets to call FDA state complaint coordinators. A list of contacts for such coordinators is available at .

Q: What precautions are being taken to make sure it doesn't happen again?
A: The company says it changed suppliers as of March 6, and has increased testing of raw materials and finished goods.

--The above Q&A's courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

For a complete listing of all affected pet food, check out the Menu Foods Website.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rocketeer Helmet Replica

"Experience the exhilaration of Cliff Secord's first flight on the Cirrus X-3 with this authentic metal helmet straight out of the Disney classic The Rocketeer! Featuring a beautiful antique gold finish, soft cotton liner, leather chin strap, and dark lenses, this exquisitely detailed helmet is based on a hero helmet casting and includes a sturdy wooden base for 360 degree viewing."

» Click Here for More Information

The Rocketeer on DVD

The Rocketeer - 1991
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Alan Arkin as A. "Peevy" Peabody
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Paul Sorvino as Eddie Valentine
Terry O'Quinn as Howard Hughes

Director: Joe Johnston

» Click Here for More Information

The Rocketeer - A Fan-Made Trailer

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The Movie Serial

The movie serial can be traced back to the early 1900's. Moviegoers would get a different episode each week prior to the showing of the featured movie. These episodes, or chapters, would end with "cliffhangers" where the hero was surely facing certain death thus enticing the audience members to return week after week to see the next installment.

Some of the popular serials of the time where King of the Rocketmen, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, The Adventures of Captain Marvel, Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Buck Rogers, The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Captain Video, Dick Tracy and many others. While a large majority of serials seem to have a science-fiction theme, there are also serials with themes including western, jungle, mystery, super-hero, aviation and others.

» Get more information on serials including a complete listing of film serials from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flash Gordon Statue

Flash Gordon comes to life in this 1:6 scale [12 inch] statue by Electric Tiki. Each piece is hand cast in high quality polystone, hand painted, hand numbered with a certificate of authenticity, and is a Limited Edition of only 500 pieces.

» Click on "Sideshow Collectibles" in the sidebar for more info.

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe with Buster Crabbe - Part 1 of 9

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Part 2 of 9 --> Link
Part 3 of 9 --> Link
Part 4 of 9 --> Link
Part 5 of 9 --> Link
Part 6 of 9 --> Link
Part 7 of 9 --> Link
Part 8 of 9 --> Link
Part 9 of 9 --> Link

Ace Derringer vs. The Shadow Men

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» For more info on Joseph Fagan's Ace Derringer, Click Here

Retro Rocket Collectibles

"Cool Rockets is a line of resin-cast, hand-finished rocket ships,
inspired by the styles of the 40’s and 50’s rockets from comics,
TV, and toys.

Created by Jeff Brewer, a film and special-effects
modelmaker in northern California, Cool Rockets offer a unique
collection that is handmade, unique, and more affordable than
you’d think. All the designs are original inspirations of an era,
not copies of some vehicle you’ve seen in a movie or TV show."

The Space Tub rocket, which is the first rocket pictured above, is actually part of my personal collection. It reminds me of the kind of rocket that might have been seen in some early cartoons. A very cool rocket ... excellent hand finishing ... I would definitely recommend these to any collector!

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Friday, March 16, 2007


The Alien film series ... one of my all-time favorite Sci-Fi space thriller franchises. Actually the first two, Alien & Aliens, are my 'real favorites'.

From the scene where the alien bursts out of the guy's chest and scared the bejeezus out of me ... to the awesome scene with Ripley in the power loader when she spoke the now famous line ... "Get away from her, you bitch!" These are great movies and definitely worth a second look ... if not a 3rd & 4th.

Hopefully the following posts will interest all you Alien fans.

--Get the scoop on all the Alien Movies from
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alien Face Hugger Statue

Alien fans will definitely want to add this Alien Face Hugger Statue from Attakus to their collection.

This cold cast statue is limited to only 888 pieces worldwide.
Highly detailed and standing at approximately 5.25 inches tall.

» Click Here for More Information

Aliens Birth Statue

Hard core collectors may not be able to pass up this amazing piece from Attakus ... the Aliens Birth Statue. Standing at approximately 5.25 inches tall and a Limited Edition of only 888 pieces worldwide. The cold cast statue is highly detailed from the cracks on the eggs to its display base of wiggly creatures.

» Click Here for More Information

Alien 3-D Movie Poster

The artists from McFarlane Toys have crafted a highly detailed 3-D collectible of the original 1979 movie poster for Alien. The piece measures 8 1/2-inch x 12 3/4-inch x 2-inch and uses the technique of forced perspective to obtain the 3-D effect.

Included with the piece is a lighting feature that adds an eerie glow to the alien egg sac as it begins to hatch.

In Stock and ready for immediate purchase!

» Click Here for More Information

The Alien Quadrilogy on DVD

The Alien Quadrilogy includes:
Alien - 1979
Aliens - 1986
Alien 3 - 1992
Alien: Resurrection - 1997

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Harry Dean Stanton as Brett
John Hurt as Kane
Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Paul Reiser as Carter Burke
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
Winona Ryder as Annalee Call
Ron Perlman as Johner
Brad Dourif as Dr. Jonathan Gediman
and many, many more too numerous to mention.

Directors: Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher

"In space no one can hear you scream."

» Click Here for More Information

ALIEN 1979 Original Trailer

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Alien Warrior from Aliens

Hot Toys introduces an awesome collectible from its Movie Masterpiece Series: The Alien Warrior from the movie Aliens.

The creature is presented in a Limited Edition 16 inch fully poseable model kit which is fully articulated with bendable hands and tail, and an extending set of inner jaws.

This piece is manufactured by Hot Toys and sold through Sideshow.

» Click on "Sideshow Collectibles" in the sidebar for more info.

Aliens Fan-Made Trailer

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Ripley FREE with the Aliens Power Loader

Hot Toys has very generously decided to include a Ripley 1:6 scale model kit with all purchases of the Aliens Power Loader ... at no extra charge!

The Aliens Power Loader Poseable Model Kit is the first collectible of its kind to be released ever. It is 1:6 Scale [17 inch], large enough to fit a 12-inch figure inside, and includes an electronic light-up working warning signal light.

» Click on "Sideshow Collectibles" in the sidebar for more info.

Contest Today!

Sideshow Collectibles Contest - Film, Food & Figure Fridays

WIN a Premium Format Frodo Baggins, a Fellowship of the Ring DVD with theatrical and extended cuts, and a BIG BAG of Popcorn!

This month's contest will start at 9am PST on March 16, 2007. All entries received before then will be disqualified! One random winner will be chosen from all participants at 6pm PST. The winner will be contacted via email. Good luck!

» Look for "Contests" in the sidebar & click on the link to register.

Monday, March 12, 2007

300's Debut Weekend

Well, it appears that 300's 3-day weekend debut grossed $70.9 Million. If you don't know, 300 is the retelling of Frank Miller's graphic comic book/novel about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. It was shot mainly with bluescreen/greenscreen technology to duplicate the look and feel of Frank's original work.

Below you will find a trailer, movie clips, "the making of" ... and links to many authentic prop replicas and other collectibles. Enjoy!

"Prepare for Glory!"

The Making of 300 the Movie

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300 Seconds of 300 - Movie Clip

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300 Prop Replicas

NECA's line of 300 collectibles continues with a line of Limited Edition Prop Replicas. The following pieces are all authentic movie replicas and come with a Certificate of Authenticity: Spartan Helmet, Spartan Shield, Spartan Sword, Arrow, and Immortal Sword.

All of the above and many other 300 collectibles will be available through Entertainment Earth.

» Click Here for Details

Leonidas, King of Sparta Speaks!

NECA has come out with a line of collectibles in conjunction with the release of the movie 300.
This awesome deluxe 12 inch statue of King Leonidas is highly detailed and movie accurate. He is dressed in full battle attire with sword, shield and spear, comes with 2 interchangeable heads, and speaks several authentic movie phrases.

Scheduled for release: July 2007

» Click Here for Order Information

300 Hardcover Graphic Novel

300 Hardcover Graphic Novel, 88 pages, full color, from publisher Dark Horse. Each two-page spread from the original comics is presented as a single undivided page.

Author: Frank Miller

In Stock Now at a special price!
» Click Here

"Tonight, We Dine in Hell!"

"In 480 BC the Persian empire was poised to conquer all of Greece. While their countrymen turned and fled from their invaders, a band of 300 Spartan warriors faced off against the largest army the world had ever seen. Led by King Leonidas, the Spartans would show an empire what it meant to be truly heroic.

From Warner Bros. comes 300, an action-packed epic inspired by Frank Miller's award-winning graphic novel. Starring Gerard Butler as Leonidas, 300 is a ground breaking special effects masterpiece."


» The Official 300 Web site

» 300 Movie Info from
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

300 Immortal Mask Prop Replica

The 300 Immortal Mask Prop Replica by NECA.

This highly detailed mask is an exact replica of the masks worn in the film. It is a limited edition, movie-accurate piece and it comes with certificate of authenticity.

The movie 300 is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel about the Spartan War.

» Click Here for Order Information

300 Trailer

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Friday, March 9, 2007

The Book of the Dead Collection

The Evil Dead 1 & 2 Double Book Limited Edition Gift Set comes packaged in a special leather-like case that simulates the original leather bound book featured in all three movies. The set is being released as a limited edition, and it will be in short supply.

The "Book of the Dead" edition of The Evil Dead features:
1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English DTS-ES 6.1
English Dolby Digital 5.1 EX
English Dolby Surround 2.0
French Dolby Digital 5.1
Audio Commentary by Director/Writer Sam Raimi and Producer Robert Tapert
Audio Commentary by Actor Bruce Campbell
Theatrical Trailer
4 TV Spots
Poster And Still Gallery
Talent Bios
"Fanalysis" documentary
"Discovering Evil Dead" featurette
Behind The Scenes Footage & Outtakes
24-Page Collector's Booklet

The "Book of the Dead" edition of Evil Dead II features:
Hi-Def Divimax Transfer
1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 5.1
English Dolby Digital 2.0 surround
Audio commentary with director/co-writer Sam Raimi, actor/co-producer Bruce Campbell, co-writer Scott Spiegel, and special make-up effects artist Greg Nicotero
"The Gore The Merrier" featurette
"Evil Dead II: Behind The Screams" featurette
Theatrical trailer
Bonus trailers: "Man with the Screaming Brain", "Dead & Breakfast", and "Evil Dead: Regeneration (video game)"
Photo & poster gallery
Cast & crew filmographies and biographies

Studio: Anchor Bay

Click Here for More Info

Medieval Ash by NECA

The Medieval Ash by NECA is from their Cult Classics Series 5 collection. Ash is fully articulated and stands 7" tall. Accessories include a shotgun (boomstick to all you primative screwheads), alternate "stretch" head, and "grave" display base.

"In an age of darkness. At a time of evil. When the world needed a hero. What it got was him."

Click Here for More Info

Army of Darkness Final Battle Sequence

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Rare "Evil Ash" Collectible

Here is the rare "Evil Ash" collectible from Sideshow that is hard if not impossible to find.

This 12" figure features an amazing likeness of Evil Ash with awesome detailing! The head comes with a fixed Skull helmet and rooted hair. The costume consists of a rib boned breastplate, shoulder armor, elbow armor, forearm plates and evil cape with skull clasps from the final battle sequence. The figure will also come with a sword and scabbard, waist belt, cut up Medieval shirt and trousers, wristwatch, hiking boots and a display base.

"Come get some."

Click Here for More Info

Army of Darkness on HD DVD

Army of Darkness - 1993
Bruce Campbell as Ash
Director: Sam Raimi

This version is the new Combo Format: HD DVD and Regular Format DVD

Click Here for More Info